Sunday, August 05, 2007

What a weekend!

This weekend I haven't been stopped a minute.

Friday: I have went out with Jenni, Toni, and a friend of Tony. We went for a drink, and then we went to a bar... I almost faint.

One of the ex colleagues of my father was singing in a bar... In one of these songs, she started to singing in front of me and when she had pieces of the song where she haven't to sing, she asked me for my life... ahahaha.

Yesterday was a great day. Mercedes came for me, (one of the humanists from here, from Vigo) Because we all went to meet to the humanists of A Coruña in a ceremony of the non-violence. I didn't stop doing things. (put the things, give out info, ecc) I got really tired. Anyway, I got funny. We arrived to Vigo at 3.00 AM! :D
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