Saturday, February 17, 2007


I have a big mix-up in my mind..

I have a lot of men in my mind... And I don0t know if I'm important to someone...

Probably I'm not nothing to some of then. Or an admirer. Or a friend. But no-one will dream with me...

I'm listening a song that predicts the tragedy...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Subliminal advertising in an American cooking show

In USA, has born a really big polemic because of this video.

It's an American TV programme (Iron Chef America) where you can see that there are subliminal messages from Mc Donald's.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

What a night

Hi to everybody:

I'm here, then of a going-out night (A really disgusting one, of course) The first thing that made me angry is that Begoña came with us (But it's worst to her, if I am her, if never will going out with us)

This night was really horrible. First we went to a disco, that was full, they made pay to my friends and they didn't make us enter. He must to call the police. They went fast. They were, I think, five local and two national police-officer. The whole thing is that the national police wasn't neccesary, when they saw that police was there, they give us the money (or a part of the money)

Finally, we went to another place. I didn't want drink but I must to, because if you don't pay for a drink you can't go out. I drank a licqueur 43 with chocolat drink (I hate beer) I arrived at 6 at home... and my mother was angry because of the hour, I don't understand why, sometimes I have arrived at 7, sometimes at 9, and she never said me something...
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