Thursday, April 22, 2010

That boy of the ATM...

State- sad
Song- Gianna Nannini- Attimo

I’m sad. Thoughtful. Months have past, but I remember. I remember when I was at Gratosoglio, and a young driver, I think an autobus driver, told me “Buongiorno” with a smile. I answered, with a smile too. And I continued by my way. I don’t remember if the driver was a a tram driver or a autobus driver, but probably the second one. There are two trams there, the 3 and the 15, and the line 79 of bus. And the boy was waiting some minutes first of going again. I didn’t say nothing in that moment, because I had Fabio. But I have to say that I didn’t forgot that boy. And I regret not to say nothing else.

I couldn’t find his trace. I returned to my home. I don’t know why I remember him. Maybe I lie myself and I try to distract my conscience of my sad and cruel life. I’m not in my Milan. And spring arrived. Spring makes me feel strange. Who was him? What was his name? Maybe that smile was just my imagination? I Orly know that I remember him. And nobody can help me.
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