Sunday, December 28, 2008

What strange dreams...

Status: dreamer
Song: Ligabue: Niente paura

Today I had a strange dream, but satisfying, and at the same time, stressful...

I was in a company, at Milan, where nobody spoke Spanish and they need somebody that could speak Spanish and Italian... So, I was working there, and they called me many times to translate what was telling somebody, or also to translate documents... I don't remember much, basically I remember I was really in a hurry... :D

If that dream was real... I would be so happy :D

I realize that I dreamt something else but I do not know exactly what I dreamt...

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Status: tired
Song: Vacca: oggi va così

Today I am really tired. Maybe it is not so strange, after all. 24th, Christmas Eve. At my paternal grandparents’ house, as each year. After that, I went to the village with my best friend and her boyfriend, to make a kind of cellebration. We watched a film, drank, ate... I could not imagine that it could be really a good plan, the bad thing is that it was so cold (we have a radiator) and the day is so hot.

25th, Christmas. It is a day that I do not really like. In addiction, we always (or almost always) passed it in my maternal grandparents’ house, in a village which is really oppresive (at least, it is to me). Every year, when this day passes, I feel really better.

Yesterday, I spent my time well. I wanted to buy some Christmas presents for two friends, so that’s all... I really knew what I wanted to buy and where to go, so I did not have much problems.

This month I also realized that I have spent many money. It is true, at least in my case, that the famous “ant spenses” are a curse. I have a little problem with food and sweet things, this is clear in my expenses…

Today I have a stupid day, I hope you are passing it well :D

Monday, December 01, 2008


This weekend has been interesting.

On Friday, I took dinner with my mates and teacher of Chinese, then some of us went out. I got fun, really. Most of us know each other and we keep on well.

On Saturday, I went to the cinema with Roberto and Matteo. We watched Madagascar 2 (ha, ha). It was funny. The bad thing is that after that, we went for a drink and they started to talk about things connected to policy, but too specific things that I didn't know, so I didn't dare to give any opinion. So I felt a little bored, and I was also tired. It isn't the failt of nobody, anyway. It was not the right night, ha, ha, ha.

On Sunday morning, I met James, a Chinese boy who studies in the Languages School. He told me he has been in a journey for two weeks, and we bought me a present. That's true, we bought me a book of Chinese symbols really interesting. So, we see, how many symbols do you know!- Told me. I saw page to page some of the symbols I know. He is really nice. The present surprised me, actually, I haven't met him yet until yesterday. I hope my mates of Chinese won't pull my leg.. again!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The subconscious...

Yesterday I dreamt that I was punished in a class, with the face to the wall, giving my back to everybody, while the teacher explained something.

There is no much to comment...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bad day...

Yesterday I had a day of that which you would like to shot yourself, once, or maybe twice. The truth is that I don't know if it could be worst. In the morning, I had to go to the doctor to take some analysis results... and they had one of them, but they don't had the other one. My doctor is a little bit heavy, she really broke my head. I went out of there angry, I had really whishes of kill somebody and thinking that I need really the analysis on 20th. We will see.

I couldn't concentrate myself in nothing during the hole day. Then, the time to swim arrived. It was horrible. Suddenly, I felt extremely tired, and I can't get. I couldn't swim, I needed to stop each little time because my body was going down. When I was swimming in crawl, the water entered by any place. I don't know, U could'nt take breath. " Are you ok?"- Asked me the instructor. I didn't know what to answer. "She is tired! Isn't it, Ana?"- Told one of my partners. In fact, I haven't done the ridiculous enough yesterday. When we had to made an exercise, (the last one) on foot, I staggered. I couldn't really keep my balance.

In addiction, my "friend", when we met then of swim, asked me to go out first, (As always) because she only want to met boys. Fantastic!

Only a mail makes me smile some minutes during the day of yesterday...

Thursday, November 13, 2008


What a stupid thing.

Yesterday, I waited for Salomé in front of the languages school to go to the pool, as all Wednesdays. Obviously, at 21.30 is when people who is in the languages school yet, go out. Many of teachers go out from the car park, but some of then leave from the main door.

So, lately, I see my last Italian teacher, Fabio, and to some partners who come at the last hour to Italian, because they are repeating course (some of then, in their own free will) In that moments, malincholy approach me a little, and I miss the debates, the gossips, the hours fighting against the language, and angry because I didn't put up with some people, actually.

But, if I think about that, malincholy comes from time ago. Last years I missed the 2º year, which my teacher was Jose, a teacher who had fun with us the most he could. Of course, I was the youngest person of the class, as I was 18 years old. Then, I was from the "yogur era" and "pokemon era". (He didn't guess really...) And me, so shy, I didn't know what to say... So, Marco, a boy from Vasto-Marina (Abruzzo)who I really mind in that period, told me "Tell him he is a..." Well... What period... And it only was three years ago.

Anyway, now I need changes... Many changes.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Today I'm so happy. I have finished reading Domani ti perdono, of Alessandra Appiano, book which I re-start (I had read half) some days ago. The hole fact is not to have read it, but I have read it in three days. I'm making-up a part of me which I believed it was lost in my memories of my childhood pre-virtual, which I was a book devourer, and internet was just a banal idea that I couldn't imagine. I have gone to the library, I could go away from the mundanal noise that always is too much in my home, until the dawn, which didn't mind me when I was a child, but now it really disturbs me. I have gone to the nearest library with the only objective of read.

Until last course, I had a trouble too: I was studying Italian by the old plan, so, I had to read three books imposed by the sacred Italian departament. That means hurry, disconcentration, and less choice. Now I have a personal challenge, read as a crazy, as when I was a child who didn't mind nothing about what was happening to the rest of people, who walked by undiscovered worlds, and lost herself between woods with her cousin, she, who only met a friend on weekends at home, and a day in A Coruña were a day in the paradise. Reading are discovered another worlds, another ideas, another dreams, who we can't touch in another way. The books were my secret refugees, they made me dream. I want it will be like that yet.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Flashes and cameras

Yesterday was one of that days which are different to the rest. The chinese teacher told us that if we can to come to class at the morning, to come. She put a video of a serie we usually watch in Chinese, that sometimes seems a telenovela in stead of an educative serie :D. We knew that yesterday was coming the government counselor of education. We are only a few, most of the people can't come in the morning. It was an strange situation to me. First, the director and the head of studies, all two really good clothed. It was strange to me look to the head of studies (I had seen him since the beginning of the course) like that, he was my teacher some years ago and he always pulled the leg of everybody...) Then, a lot of giornalists entered and finall the counselor. Being rounded of gionalists, was really absurd to me, cameras which registered, and flashes that light a lot of times. The situation makes feel everybody nervous, I guess. Now I understand to peple who always scapes of this. But it wasn't bad.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

This blog has made two years!!! (6/10/2006)

Happy birthday!!!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Spiral of indecission

I look myself into the mirror. Surprised. Thoughtful. And I start again in the Languages School, I start again to study Chinese and English, but it's the first time in five years that I don't have to study Italian. It is strange to me after five years. I could go to the complementary classes at most, but, would they be useful? I mean, I am so trained in internet. The wheel which rounds and rounds. As a wiccan song says:

Air moves us,
Fire transforms us,
Water shapes us,
Earth Heals Us.
And The Balance Of The Wheel Goes Round And Round.

And the wheel rounds. A new period in my life is opening a way. Changes come around while I eat chocolate as I wouldn't be the main character, but a member of the audience. It's not true really. There aren't members of an audience, we all are characters of this strange novel that is all life. I remember, when I was that young girl of 18 years old, at the 2º year of the languages school,the teacher who pulled my leg because she was embarassed to talk in Italian language. And now? What about now? Somebody has called me bauscia and mangianebbia. Maybe because I live Milan, when I'm far too. It let me a mark forever, as a smiles and tears story, as a devil who wants to smile, as an underground speed which run through my dreams into a doubts' forest. Yesterday something stupid happens to me. I slept for five minutes and I had an strange dream:

Piola... fermata Piola.

I rase up the underground fast. I made some balances to try not to fall and sat up. And again:

Loreto... fermata Loreto.

I went down, confused until I found my way. Have I found it? Not really. I'm going to do 22 years old (17 october) and I don't know yet what is my way. I hope to find it first to arrive to Abbiategrasso. It could be too late.

And I will see the surprised faces of my teachers, now ex Italian teachers, while I go around and around in a spiral of indecission who orders much than me, more than my parents would like to order, more than how I could lose myself throught the notes of a song with happy ending.

Friday, October 03, 2008

When the day is bad...

Yesterday was a bad day. I was active already in the morning, because my mother and my aunt were many days broken my head: "Put in order your room!" So, because I don'e want to hear them, I started to do it. After eating, I started to do my things and later I watched the tv and used internet until the 18.15, because at that time I had Chinese lesson. That was the second day I was in "mourning". It wasn't an apparently one, because I had a black shirt without sleeves and with nec, a long skirt, almost a "witch" skirt, and black shoes. It was just the meaning: Mourning because the death of the holidays. It was everything Ok at lesson, I could see that Chinese is fresh in my mind and that I'm brighest now. That's better, because Yan (our Chinese teacher) went into overdrive last year, and I guess she will do it this year.

I arrived to my home, I ate something. I started watching some TV-series which I download by internet in English language (original version), and I was bothering a little to Roberto. How? Is enough to put in skype a Milanello (Mascot of the Milan)

and 21.50 came, at that hour I had a meeting with Salomé to go to the publish pool. It was terrible. They made us swim for some minutes, and they arrived to the conclusion that I had to go to the small swimming pool, (where there was only old people) because I have to learn to breath. I felt useless. Maybe I'm a little out of training, but that of put me in a pool with only old people... (nice people anyway) makes you feel bad. I discovered that I can't swim with the back, in fact, water came to my nose and this made me to have an incredible headache.

I felt so sad, but ok, maybe I have to take the rithym again. In aerobic I felt stupid like that at the beginning... How is possible that I lost so much the practise?

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Mc Donald's

Unfortunately, Mc Donald's is being a success around the world, because millions of people go each day to their restaurants, feeding a company which lives because of capitalism and at other people's health expense, who come that with the economic incentive.

Personally, I don't like MC Donald's hamburgers. In fact, I usually go to take hamburgers to cafés. The only thing I like from Mc Donald's are the ice creams. Anyway, I purposed myself a challenge:

I'm not going to go to a Mc Donald's, at least in a year (for the time being).

The 16 th October, is the World Anti-McDonald's day. It is an initiative from the Mc Donalds Workers' Resistance in the United Kingdom, since 1980. In many countries, their workers organizes a strike to protest against the food conditions and the workers conditions. Unfortunately, it is not so known...

Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend at Finisterra (and not only)

The port

Emigrant's monument



Ceramic's Art

Big smile

El peregrino


Without comments...

Muros... In the photo you can't see it well.. but I can say that it is BEAUTIFUL.

Noia... It is a little bored... But we took an ice cream sundae dish.

At Boiro! Happy, thoughful and reflective at the same time...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

homemade insect's repelent

You don't have an insect's repelent because it is a holiday?

There is an alternative solution! You can try with a spray deodorant!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Friday, August 22, 2008

About age difference

Yesterday, I talked with a person about age differences in couples, she does not agree with cases that a boy is ten years bigger than a girl, she thinks that it is aberration because when the couple gets old, a person who is 50 years old is with a person who is 60. That is because, as the people who really know me know, for some time now, I like boys who are older than me, with differences between eight and forty years old, aproximately. Obviously, when I was youngest I thank as well that it was an aberration, but I'm going to explain the reasons because I do not think so:

1) In natural questions, a woman become mature earlier than a man, so genetically and fisically, they usually can get old first. .

2) At the same time, it is not difficult look boys of 40 which same to have 35, and boys of 30 which seems to have 20, in a question of maturity, many girls have the maturity of an 30 years old woman. So, it depends on the behaviour of the both people.

3) Many people says that "10 years are nothing". If they are not nothing to a thing, as well, they are not nothing to other thing.

So, if somebody wants to criticize, criticize me. Some years ago I did like that.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I can't sleep.

I can't sleep, maybe because of the thirst, in the other hand there is the hot and finally, I am thoughtful. It's 21 days to Milan part two. It is really a challenge, but yesterday, something showed me that I'm prepared now.

Yesterday I defeated again one of my biggest problems, the disorientation, produced possibily by problems as the hydrocephalia and the dyslexia, problems which I can coexist with. Yesterday I made another point. I'm winning this match 4-2 aproximately. I don't know really, hydrocephalia scored me some goals, but now I'm firing it. First, I lost my fear, and I started moving me around Vigo. Then, I could losing myself in Milan and discover that nothing happens, because I will never be alone. Yesterday, I won another time, and I could arrive by myself to the Berbés sports pavilion. It looked so difficult, but sometimes a strategy change changes everything.

Yes, now I'm prepared to the return to Milan. Taking in consideration that I will sleep near to Piazzale Loreto,I know how to use the underground, and I'm not going to be alone as well, everything will be ok since the moment I will get on the airplane.

Who said that hydrocephalia is invicible?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Look change...

I'm ready to the Paolo and company arrival, he, he, he.

I almost faint...

And it is the blame of Antena 3, because they don't give the complete information by the beginning...

They started telling that Ryanair cancelled thousands of reservations by internet of flights from today... I couldn't take breath until know that they mean reservations which are made with another companies (as Edreams) My reservation was made directly by the Ryanair website...

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Weekend at Lugo

This weekend was a little particular. With the only excuse of know us, Roy ( A friend from Asturias who I haven't see first personally) invited me to go to Lugo, because he and a group of friends meet them like that when they can do it. He told me not to be worried because he invited me. So, two of his friends from Gondomar (near Vigo) went to took me in the train station. The journey had a duration of three hours by car.

We are around eleven people chattering, (eight of the eleven peoplee were men, and eight of the eleven people were Galician as well!) Ember were made, and we were so distracted. Ember were put out many times, so we ate around six o' clock in the afternoon, ha, ha, ha. After that, we ate some desserts (I'm remembering the chocolate bisquits which bring Roy and it is making my mouth water again... Ouch!!!) We drank a little (At least, I drank a little, I usually try to control myself and I try to control myself more than normal in some situations) And then, we went to bed. I confess that I have opened my eyes at nine or ten in the morning, we started to wake up and to go downstairs, Roy and me went to take breakfast to a confectioner's shop, we walked a little and then we returned (first of that we lose ourselves) At the hour of lunch, all we went to took lunck in a Chinese restaurant. I think we left Lugo around five o' clock, but the thing I really know it is I was really tired...

Friday, August 01, 2008

Test finalizated

Here there is the complete result of the English test, and then, the complete result (the votes in the 5 blogs)


Gaelic or Irish 2 (66%)
Chinese 0 (0%)
An Emilian language 0 (0%)
Puglies or Sicilian 0 (0%)
Other (explain what by a mail or a comment)0 (0%)

So, now we go to the final result:

Gaelic or Irish 26 (34%)
Other 13 (16%)
Puglies or Sicilian 12 (15%)
Chinese 9 (11%)
An Emilian language 6 (8%)
Esperanto/Interlingua 5 (6%)

So, now I ask you to tell me if you prefer Gaelic or Irish.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Monday, June 30, 2008


I couldn't sleep yesterday because of the people shouting and making noises with their claxon... :D

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Ondas do mar de Vigo,
se vistes meu amigo!
e ai Deus, se verrá cedo!

Ondas do mar levado,
se vistes meu amado!
e ai Deus, se verrá cedo!

Se vistes meu amigo,
o por que eu sospiro!
e ai Deus, se verrá cedo!

Se vistes meu amado
por que ei gram cuidado!
e ai Deus, se verrá cedo!

I open this post with acantiga de amigo, reallyimportant in the Galician culture, to reflect the importance that the sea has for us. And it is because yesterday I went for the second time to Samil's beach this year. It is curious, is a beach that, in the fund, is not significant for me: My parents always has taken me to Patos, and my grandmother, to America beach.Nevertheless, it is the one that is best communicated.

It was hot, in fact I have been burned. When I came to the beach, I could walk placidly along the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Without thinking about anything. I believe that it is one of the things that would miss if some day me was to Milan. Actually it would miss out wherever I would go, so the Atlantic Ocean, in the coasts of Galicia, would say that is unique.

I was entering more and more inside the water. I remembered something that it happened some time ago. One of my uncles had a Cuban girlfriend, and the first time that went to a beach of Galicia, my cousin and I were with them. We two, ran towards the water like mad, and she ran behind... It was clear that when she entered inside, she trembled with cold...

Yesterday while I was lunching, a gull took to itself part of my sandwich... These things before were not happening either, certainly, they go with the times...

The sea has been very important also in the culture and Galician witchcraft. Have you heard speaking about the ritual of nine waves? It is for girls who want to remain pregnant women, and it was consisting of entering the water full moon, and of being left to throb for nine waves.

Yesterday I passed a lot of time in the beach, it is the motive which I burned, and also the motive for which later I was lacking the time...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Monday, June 23, 2008

I know, I don't draw well...

I have found something curious...

A little "map" I drow when I was in a hotel in Milan last days... after losing myself!

To people who don't know: the circle is Piazza Piola.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Third time lucky

I'm happy, because this time, my third time in Madrid has been different, although we have to sleep some hours in the car...

I have enjoyed myself. I went with Adrián and Salomé, and then of many hours and many stops in many petrol stations, (Going out of Galicia, cross into Ourense and ho through is not an easy thing...) we arrived to Madrid. We went to Atocha's station. Then we headed the city, specially in the Gran Vía street, beause I had to buy a dress to Marta's wedding, it will be in a couple of months. We caught a bus because Salomé had to do an exam in the European University of Madrid, so Adrián and me took something until she went out of there. There is something which called my attention; interprovincial buses belong to the civil service there, here at Vigo, buses haven't nothing to do with the civil service, at least, as I know.

When Salomé comes, we went to eat in a vegetarian restaurant, (Fres.Co ) which by my point of view it is a paradise! It is a kind of self service and all-you-can-eat restaurant. So you eat what you want and in the quantity you want. It is fantastic! I want a restaurant like that in Vigo!

I think is not necessary to say that we made as well two stops in the Starbucks... another luxury that we don't have here... (grrr!)

Another curious thing is that Madrid was full of Italians, maybe by this reason and because I wanted to give a hand to Salomé (she has finished 2º) we talked in Italian some time. On top of that, I dressed my Italy's wristband, so show-off, ha, ha, ha.

It was a small pleasure to me as well, catching the underground, it is one of that things I haven't do in a year. I love going down, feeling that big air gust while the underground doesn't stop, and rush myself towards the door. That is, moving on Italians, one of the times we entered in the underground, a man which dressed a suit, and who I had heard first talking in Italian by the phone, made me a question and then he answered to himself (better like that, because I don't really know Madrid...) When we came into the underground, he was there yet, and Salomé was asking me doubts of Italian language! I explain them to her, I did some comment about the Milan's language as well, (it couldn't miss) and the sir was looking at us with curiosity... I was trying holding back my wishes of laugh...

We went to some drinks at night with an Adrián's friend, so, he and Salomé was talking about the exam and things connected to that. I was a little sleepy, my eyes closed theirselves... Finally, when we said goodbye to him, I tried to sleep a little. But things didn't go well at all. Adrián, ate and drank too much in a petrol station and he hasn't in good conditions to drive. So, we stoped at Castilla y León, finally we had to stay to sleep at a hostal that they had there. Everybody was better in the morning, then of took a little breakfast, we continued with the coming way, lurching and making a lot of stops. We arrived at Vigo on 16.00. I learnt that the motorway to go is the A52 and that is better to be keeping an eye if you don't want to lurch...

Saturday, June 07, 2008


I'm happy.

I have passed all the languages. It means two things: I will be a calm summer, and I could organize myself to returno... The fact is I don't know yet what I'm going to do in my life (Specially because there are many informations which I don't know where to find them)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A new chapter?


Maybe I would have to close a chapter in my life.

Maybe la Viga has to die. And I will be Anahí again. So, the buddist profecy could be real.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sex and frivolousness

If I have to be sincere, I don't understand that.

I don't understand to people who goes to "have a screw", just without any reason, only to to let off steams, or to let off their daily frustrations. It is absolutely ridiculous. But sex is that to many people: A relief. An energy discharge.

I don't understand to people who says: "Ok, I have fucked somebody else" and he or she feels happy. Sex is not that. Sex is an holy union, by my point of view. There isn't a biggest concept of union in the fisical world. The frivolousness maybe happens because of many reasons, for instance, some media and the hole society, which looks to sex as a manipulation element.

By another point of view, I think nowadays, a woman has to be coscient to know who is going with. Going with anybody to make sex could be really dangerous. Althought they must take responsabilities, usually they don't.

So, why this frivolousness with a topic which means a lot of responsabilities?

Monday, June 02, 2008

Private TV... You are so young...

I laugh if I think that when I have borned there were only 3 TV channels: The Public Tv La Primera opened in 1956, and la 2 in 1965) and the regional Tv, the TVG, which have started its broadcastings in 1985.

In 1990, (When I was 3 or four years old) to invite tenders to have a TV licence. The winners were Canal +, Antena 3 and Telecinco.

Antena 3 was the first, because its regular broadcastings started on 25th of January of 1990, being the firstprivate channel to broadcast to all the country. It is part of the Antena 3 group withOnda Cero, Europa FM, Movierecord, Atres Advertising A3Multimedia, and Unipublic. It was the introduction of Antena3...

Canal + had an special awarding, It had to broadcast obbligatory 6 hours in open transmition, but it could trasmit the rest of programmes as codificated programmes. It started at 8th of June of 1990 with its test broadcastings, and in the 14th of September, its regular ones. (Who don't remember the Canal + tune???)

I have gave to the last to Telecinco, because, There were something fishy going on rather. Telecinco was the second to broadcast, on 3th March of 1990, with almost all the Italian staff and a big show, based in the television format of Canale 5.

There are two curious data which are important to stand out. Firstly, the German and French versions of Canale 5 didn't share the same luck as Telecinco. Telefünf opened in 1988 and closed in 1992. Finally, in 2002, the Tele München Gruppe opened it again. I don't know really the reasons of these changes, because the most part of the information is writing in German... And I don't understand it.

La Cinq, on the other hand, didn't have good luck. It borned in the 1986 and died on 1992, broadcasting in drect, because although most of the programmes had a good sharing of audience, the channel registered losts, and finally, it declared its tecnic bankruptcy. The debt was of a million of Francs, so, they let it die on 12th of April of 1992.

A last curious thing about Telecinco, the Spanish channel, that it is alive, and in fact, is the channel which has more success from two years ago.In 1989, Fininvest had the 25% of the channel, however, since its start in the stock exchange 2004 Mediaset Investimenti have a chilling percentage of the benefits of this channel: ¡¡¡50,13%!!! (Whitout comments,isn't it??)

Nowadays, television grows unstoppable.In 2005, borned Cuatro and in 2006, la Sexta. It arises me a question: Were we happiest when there were only three tv channels, in stead of all that channels that we can have now from the digital plataforms?

Friday, May 30, 2008

I have passed Chinese!

I have passed Chinese (or better, the teacher passed to everybody...)

I have a 6,6 in the listening, a 6 in the writing (grammar) and a 8 in the oral. (I don't know if next years they will make us do a writing comprenhension or a writing exam, but this year they didn't) There is to take in account that now, with the new rules, a 6 is "pass" and a 5 "fail" , so, it influences me in Chinese and English, but not in Italian, as I'm doing 5º and it has the old plan yet.

So, there is something that it has finished... Next week I will know what happened with English and Italian.

Speaking of that, I don't know what to do in my life. There is a FP (profesionistic formation, I don't know really which is the equivalence) but is an higher grade, and to do that, I have to do a Bacherellor for adults...I will go to ask, but It make me feels a little... I don't know :D

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

pizzica pizzica

I have just seen now that the Italian departament has pubblished the complete video of the pizzica pizzica...

Enjoy it :D

Perhaps... :(

It only ocurred me to sing to the Madonina although I'm not a christian...

Oh mia bèla madonina,
che te brillet de lontan,
tutta d'or e piscinnina,
tì te dominet Milàn....

Si, vegnì senza paura,
num ve slongaremm la man,
tutt el mond l'è on grand paes a semm d'accord
ma Milàn l'è on gran Milàn!

Contrato Coloriuris