Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I'm better that these days...

One week ago, when people who can't stand make my objectives, I don't make sense to nothing and I see everything full of difficults and obstacles.I have to say thanks to everybody who tried to make me feel happy, Moisés, Elio, Raffaele, and I don't know if I forget someone, but specially to Matteo and Vanessa, they has insisted a lot to make me smile.

Today, Samhain, The finish of the year for celthic and today for wiccans, I have decided that I'm tired of to be sad and obviously, I tried to feel better. I have dreassed, I have taked my bag, I have hanged up my mp3 on my neck and I went out, With hip-hop, reggae and rock music (specially Gemboy) My smile started to increase, I never can't listen the last one without laugh a little. (Although I need to change two times my batteries)

I make a long walk, watching the landscape , the parks, the shops. Then I hve returned and I bought a coke. When I have returned to mu house, I turned on my computer. I have reorganized my ideas on the notebook what I have bought some day ago, and I continued to listening music.

Today I chatted in galician with a boy on skype, I didn't do that for centuries, and now for me is really difficult to speak in Galician without mistake and say some word in Italian... :D Fortunatly, I didn't had forget a lot. Now I remember of that thing that a teacher say us at 2º. People who have Galician as the mother language, have more difficults to learn Italian. And now I think that it can be true, because I can't speak correctly Galician if I don't think twice the phrase.

Then I have continued to listening to music, to the lunch time. I have eaten lasagne. Then I have slept a little with my cat next to me. Later I have seen the tv , Marta came to my house and we were toghether for a little. Then I went to my Italian class.

I have dinner and when I finished I have been connected, watching the tv, listening to music... And I had a whish list for the new pagan year too :D

Monday, October 30, 2006

What a change of hour!

What a change of hour! I had forgot of change my telephone clocks. And one of this sounds and I saw: 8.45. I got up fast and when I went to the kitchen, I saw the clock: 7.45. Surprised, I turned on my computer and I discovered that I wasn't late, but I had an hour yet!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

What can I do in a boring day?

Hi everybody. Yesterday I didn't go out, if I did, probably now I will sleep. But now I'm making a asparagus cream in the microwave and thinking what can I do today, Sunday..

I hate sundays. I'm really bored. I want this Sunday will be different. Next weekend I have a lot of things to do, I think I will start extra lessons and the library will open, and I have to buy more microwave's soups and going to the bank.

But.. What can I do at Sunday? Does somebody have and idea?

Jacobo rockstar!

Sunday, October 22, 2006



Grandma Chicha and Pablo



Erea and Jacobo

Jacobo, me, and the new jacket

Jacobo and me

Close up

Jacobo and Pablo

And now animals!


Bony and Bolita


Mich and me

Pablo and Bony

I didn't think to going out...

Yesterday was saturday, On Friday, Jenni had said me that she probably will go out on satudarday, but I called her because she didn't call me. She said she was ill and puking, and she didn't go out. I thank I will pass another night in my house, bored and watching gossip programmes.

But then, Bego called me. I don't get on as well with her, but now I don't have much problems. We went to Mao-Mao and waited for a Bego's partner. Curiously, the caretaker didn't give us the sick card used to make drink forced. I think it was because there were not many people yet...

I danced until to be tired of. Bego today didn't have a time to return, that's the reason because she wanted to stay more and more time. I going out since my 18's, and I never had a time to return. Obviously, I hadn't neither now. As at 5 I felt really tired, I called to a taxi and I came to my house. I had to pay almost 5 Euros for go to Calvario. And the driver was an older who went very slow. And I only was wishing to stay on my bed...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Thank you for the greetings!

This year a lot of people made me congratulations because of my birthday. I feel happy. There is some people who congratulate me first to the 17; Arsalan (orkut) and Valerio (msn) because they could't do it later. Here is the list, as common, there was a savage battle to be the first! That was it:

1) 00.00 Giorgio Cavicchioli (Skype)
2) 00.01 Alessio (msn)
3) 00.01 Alfonso (msn)
4) 00.03 Raffaele, Sinnarch (skype)
5) 00.03 Sauro (skype)
6) 00.10 Francesco, il Rubacuori (skype)
7) 00.31 Vanessa (msn) + sms at 13.38
8) 00.38 Daniele, jollino (yahoo)
9) 00.45 Matteo, Pepeo (skype)
10) 1.26 Manolo (skype)
11) 1.27 Ignazio, Socrate (skype)
12) 2.21 my aunt Mary (e-mail)
13 6.15 Elvia (virtual card)
14) 8.29 My mother (at house)
15) 8.44 My brother Jacobo ( at house)
16) 9.13 Shiv (orkut)
17) 10.32 My aunt Cruci (sms)
18) 11.36 Simone (chat Gemboy)
19) 11.51 Juan Mendo (orkut)
20) 3.06 Matteo, Salvicius (myspace)
21) 12.36 Grandmother Pili + aunt Mary again (house)
22) 13.13 Papá (at house)
23) 13.22 My brother Pablo (at house)
24) 14.11 My grandpararents Chicha and Luis (telephone)
25) 14.19 Thatá (orkut)
26) 14.54 Francisco José (orkut)
27) 15.01 Roy (msn)
28) 15.03 Marco Lecce (skype)
29) 15.08 My cousin Ángela + My cousin Erea + My aunt Ángeles +
My aunt Vanessa + My uncle Gabry (telephone)
30) 15.25 Gigi, dolcissimo62 (skype)
31) 15.48 Jenni (msn)
32) 16.03 Steve, alisaaj (skype)
33) 16.09 Patry (msn)
34) 16.19 Mr Bean (orkut)
35) 17.01 Andrea, Drugoz, Pelone (msn)
36) 18.29 Valeria (msn)
37) 18.30 Gloria,Jacobo's godmother (she has talken with my mother)
38) 19.41 Elio (sms, the most beautiful message of everything)
39) 20.09 Tapish (orkut)
40) 21.09 Dantuccio (msn)
41) 21.37 Pasqualino, Italiano all'estero, Annata (skype)
42) 21.43 Roberto Modena (skype)
43) 21.43 Ladyshiva (msn)
44) 22.01 Marco Agrigento (skype)
45) 23.52 Arrhenius (msn)
46) 23.54 Franco, Gattamelata (msn)

a little later, Iron (msn)Vivek (orkut)Runner (skype)Ricardo Merlirik (msn) Alvarodrv (msn) Memo (msn) Writer (blog) Wanner (skype)rito_magico_para_ti (yahoo) Carmelo (msn)Sandro, cux (skype)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hurray for Euro!

Now I have bougth my books. That's a frightning price!

Framework 3:(wk) 15,48
Framework 3:(st) 27,09
Viaggio nell'italiano: 34,97
Total: 77,54

Note: The Italian book, in Italy costs 22,20, and I will use this book in 4º e 5º. It means, next year I mustn't need to buy another book. English book's include a dvd and a cd.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Back to the EOI...

Today I have started again the classes in the school languages. At morning, I've went to 3º year English's class. I have the same teacher as in 2º, but I don't mind. About my old partners, I only find one, that I had at 1º.

At evening, I have went to my Italian's lessons. There, there are a lot of people I knew. The teacher is of Genova. We has introduced to the partners, (In Italian, obviusly) and just today we had to do homework. A letter to tell him a little about what we like or dislike at lessons, and I have did it...

I'm happy and relaxed, I have a lot of energy and whishes of make things!

I'm there...

It was midnight. My naked body returns to cross a vast forest. The night birds watch over my movements. The Sun slept. The city had lost on distance. You could only listen the drums, the canticles, the shouts. The candles lighted a big cauldron, on a high altar made of stone. The rocks were places to sit down again, and the bonfire, as another nights, light to people who join together, but no to be burn.

And there was her.

The Great Priestess, have arrived. The queen of witches, The great wise. Her glance fixed on the guests to the ceremony. Her companion, possibly her heiress, a single girl younger than her, take her to the highest stone.

She didn't have a easy life. Although she was a big witch in love and fertility works, the couple she had, didn't love her. He lived with her helper, her two daughters and another adopted son, her mother had dead then of the difficult birth. Because of the laws, she didn't have permission to live with a couple, and never with a person who had more than one wife. Because was her, The Great Priestess. She have to be concentrated at work and to help her people.

She didn't be very interest on material, but she recieved offerings of her tribe, made of food or flowers. She was loved, but hated for somebody too.

The Great Priestess, take with her hands a water's bowl. She recited a few words in honour of the Goddess Ana, and go down the rock, for sitting in another shorter, because she felt comfortable sitting with her people. While, boys played near the river.

I felt the wish of be there together.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Another weekend without going out...

I'm sad. The last weekend I didn't going out. That weekend neither. I feel alone, useless, asking me about everything. That was the last weekend first of return to the languages school. And I'm not well about nothing. I only shelter me in the arms of the Goddess, and while, I listen ragamuffin and dream with someday better. Unfortunatly, is not very easy.

Friday, October 06, 2006

My new blog

Hi! I'm Anahí. After make a blog in Spanish and another blog in Italian, finally I decided to make a version in English!

Here I will write about anything; Things that happens at schools, or when I go out, my likes and dislikes, and my reflections!

Good reading!
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