Monday, October 09, 2006

I'm there...

It was midnight. My naked body returns to cross a vast forest. The night birds watch over my movements. The Sun slept. The city had lost on distance. You could only listen the drums, the canticles, the shouts. The candles lighted a big cauldron, on a high altar made of stone. The rocks were places to sit down again, and the bonfire, as another nights, light to people who join together, but no to be burn.

And there was her.

The Great Priestess, have arrived. The queen of witches, The great wise. Her glance fixed on the guests to the ceremony. Her companion, possibly her heiress, a single girl younger than her, take her to the highest stone.

She didn't have a easy life. Although she was a big witch in love and fertility works, the couple she had, didn't love her. He lived with her helper, her two daughters and another adopted son, her mother had dead then of the difficult birth. Because of the laws, she didn't have permission to live with a couple, and never with a person who had more than one wife. Because was her, The Great Priestess. She have to be concentrated at work and to help her people.

She didn't be very interest on material, but she recieved offerings of her tribe, made of food or flowers. She was loved, but hated for somebody too.

The Great Priestess, take with her hands a water's bowl. She recited a few words in honour of the Goddess Ana, and go down the rock, for sitting in another shorter, because she felt comfortable sitting with her people. While, boys played near the river.

I felt the wish of be there together.

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