Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy.. but thoughtful

I'm thinking.

There are 13 days. 13 days of wait. Only 13. Then of these 13 I will finally understand what's the thing that heat my heart, that hug my mind and makes me cout all moments which I'm breathing.

I thank that then of my trip to Milan, or, my trip to the mind's confussion that the big metropolis have deffinitely decided about my heart, there wasn't solution. I was already a soul without destiny that saunder up and down thinking that he didn't exist. But exists. Exists and seems that he wants me.

In fact, it has appeared my ideal man. I don't know yet what It will happen. Two weeks yet... Today is a confusion's day too, anyway. A messagge of "happy bithday" sent from my mobile makes me remember that moment. The moment in that the "Viga" arrived to the big metropolis and was with some friends a little crazy. A message with answer that makes me remember. Makes me remember that they are there, and they didn't forget this friend that is a little crazy.
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