Friday, February 29, 2008

And now, pizzica

I have to do something I couldn't never imagine. Some weeks ago, My italian teacher told me to play a pizzica. I have acepted, but I'm a little toughtful,because I knew that the South Italian music in general is so fast.

So, yesterday I have gone to work and then, I let my bag at house, I took my backpack and my tambourine. I waited, and then, we have gone, first of all, to the Italian departament, and then, to the acting room. (With my Italian teacher and another Italian teacher... without comments!... Well, fortunately they had a good behaviour :D)

I need to practise a little to produce a sound similar to pizzica's sound. First of all, because they are two instruments a little bit different (Who knows about celtic music, maybe knows how galician tambourine is) So, I have to addapt the rythm. Puglia's tambourine is playing in a different way, they move the hand that they have free. In Galicia (In general, there are exceptions) people move the hand which has the tambourine. In Galicia are playing too big tambourines, but I don't have it and I think I couldn't play it at all :D

Left: Galician tambourine. Right: Puglia's tambourine :D

Anyway, now I have the cd and I have all the weekend (I didn't do theatre on Saturday because most of people are going to Madrid today)

There is something curious... I had found things in common between this type of music and the tradicional galician music: The dance, the dresses (In the cd there is a video too...!) the singing method is similar, and the lyrics are structured in a similar way too.

Anyway, I have looked a little about the pre-roman story of Puglia and I have found this:

"Between the VII and the IX, the region was attacked for the Longobardth (celtic popolation) francs and saracens, that ocupated the principal cities of the region, they let to Bisenzio only the Salento(with Otranto y Gallipoli).

Longobarth popolation occuped Gargano, Canosa, and Brindisi (633) Taranto, Bari, etc, while sacarens started to be sostituided by longobarths, till all the region were unificated in a only authority.

Only Bari, city that was seat of an emirate, with greece, longobarth, franc, and saracen popolations, and sometimes with the help of venetians (1002) he could have a little authonomy."

MAybe is that, who knows Galician music knows that is celtic, and that it is similar to Irish music :D

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Today, after of been called and passing some tests, I have started a course for a job. It's a course of three days, but it is about an interesting topic, because it's about the joins and drops out from a telephone company to another.

It has been a lot of hours one then of another (And tomorrow, it will be more) but I'm happy. Nice partners, not difficult instructions (I think) and a busy morning. Then I supose we will do a practise month and finally they will decide if we continue or not.

Does it have consecuences? Well, it's probably that I couldn't go to the European Humanist Forum (4-6 april) So, I couldn't see Paolin, and I couldn't meet my friends or meet the musical groups I like... BUT in that case, I will be working, and earning money, so I could go with I have vacations, and I could stay more time :D

Monday, February 04, 2008

What a weekend!

This weekend I didn't stop!

Friday night I met Vane and some of her friends and I went out until the 5 AM. This time I didn't drink much alcohol, but I have danced a lot. First of all, we were in a Brasilian café and then we go out with some friends. I have danced as a crazy girl.

On sunday, I got up,- more or less, althought I arrived late- to the personal knowledge activity of Entrebarrios, because I know I have to learn to relax myself. It isn't bad. After that, at evening, we did some rehearsals of the theatre text, (We are performing for first time in a pub in a week) Then humanist meeting, after that I made up myself, (I dressed as a kind of witch) and many of us went to a party. I played the tambourine because two girls of the group are learning to dance Galician dancing, I have known a lot of nice people, we danced a lot, and we took as dinner an Ecuatorian reciepe. (It's the first time for me) One of the boys of the association told me later to go to a disco with him, but finally It couldn't be. Anyway, I got fun.

And today, well, I had a more relaxing day, although I went to Vane's house because he asked me to teach her a little English to talk with a Swiss friend (What a pitty... he is from the German zone!!!) And I was so nervous when I have started because I never did something like that... But anyway, little by little.....

I tell you that I hope going to Milan on April. It would be with the association, but it's a good thing to meet a special person... And to some another people. If I have good luck, maybe I can go to see some of the groups I like... I hope it!!! I wish to earn all the money by myself too and that anybody mess up my plan!
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