Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Today, after of been called and passing some tests, I have started a course for a job. It's a course of three days, but it is about an interesting topic, because it's about the joins and drops out from a telephone company to another.

It has been a lot of hours one then of another (And tomorrow, it will be more) but I'm happy. Nice partners, not difficult instructions (I think) and a busy morning. Then I supose we will do a practise month and finally they will decide if we continue or not.

Does it have consecuences? Well, it's probably that I couldn't go to the European Humanist Forum (4-6 april) So, I couldn't see Paolin, and I couldn't meet my friends or meet the musical groups I like... BUT in that case, I will be working, and earning money, so I could go with I have vacations, and I could stay more time :D

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