Monday, February 04, 2008

What a weekend!

This weekend I didn't stop!

Friday night I met Vane and some of her friends and I went out until the 5 AM. This time I didn't drink much alcohol, but I have danced a lot. First of all, we were in a Brasilian café and then we go out with some friends. I have danced as a crazy girl.

On sunday, I got up,- more or less, althought I arrived late- to the personal knowledge activity of Entrebarrios, because I know I have to learn to relax myself. It isn't bad. After that, at evening, we did some rehearsals of the theatre text, (We are performing for first time in a pub in a week) Then humanist meeting, after that I made up myself, (I dressed as a kind of witch) and many of us went to a party. I played the tambourine because two girls of the group are learning to dance Galician dancing, I have known a lot of nice people, we danced a lot, and we took as dinner an Ecuatorian reciepe. (It's the first time for me) One of the boys of the association told me later to go to a disco with him, but finally It couldn't be. Anyway, I got fun.

And today, well, I had a more relaxing day, although I went to Vane's house because he asked me to teach her a little English to talk with a Swiss friend (What a pitty... he is from the German zone!!!) And I was so nervous when I have started because I never did something like that... But anyway, little by little.....

I tell you that I hope going to Milan on April. It would be with the association, but it's a good thing to meet a special person... And to some another people. If I have good luck, maybe I can go to see some of the groups I like... I hope it!!! I wish to earn all the money by myself too and that anybody mess up my plan!

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