Friday, January 18, 2008

The songs of your life

There are songs which mark our lives forever. Songs that let an unforgettable trace of any shadow of our past, of or the present.

There is somebody who says that I felt ashamed of my native land, because I want to go. Who say that, maybe would remember what was the first step in my musical taste. The fist time I have listened something of music, which my parents of my uncles didn't induced to it. 10 years old. I was 10 years old when I started listening Heredeiros da Crus. I think that when my parents realized that I had no solution, he, he.

I was like that, at least, for three years (1997-2000). Then, as many times in my life, I had a period of "musical transition". In 2001, I starting playing tambourine. After that, the tears of tennage had me change stile absolutely. I listened The Police, and later, I listened Los Piratas, mixed with the first reggaeton songs of summer (2001-2003)

Later, I left this kind of music voluntary, lo leave my emotional sadness. Of course, I passed throutgh another radical change, and I started listening Marilyn Manson, to the last summer first of entering in the Languages School (2003-2004)I remember too that when I have entered in the Languages School I tried to understand a song called Giulia that I listened in the disco version of Gabry Ponte, but I didn't get understanding. I listened music connected to wicca too, and, when time passed, I started listening a little Italian music, It will be strange consecuences. During the 2005, - At this year I knew a boy who was virtually special for me- I listened Verdena and Afterhours besides of songs more malinconic. When this period finished, I cried with stupid songs of Tiziano Ferro and Povia...

But that period finished, as the others, and I started looking for alternatives, (As Nine Inch Nails) and then I started listened groups like GemBoy and Gli Atroci. I gave up listening the first group in May or June, because I felt transient anger. In addition in that period (April-May) I have started studying the Milan's language, so I have started listening some groups which sing in that language. The first group I listened was Gamba de Legn, but not the only one. In fact, now I'm into this kind of music, so, many groups. Facts (The travel, and some people that have helped me to improve it) make me listening the 90% of my time music in that language, with groups as, for instance, I Gufi (togheter and separated), Longobardeath, FBA, Davide Van de Sfroos, The Vad Vuc, Teka-P, Vomitiors, Enzo Janacci... - And now that's it, engaged in with Milan language. How many time I will pass like this?

And a question for you: What are the songs of your life?

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