Saturday, August 30, 2008

Friday, August 22, 2008

About age difference

Yesterday, I talked with a person about age differences in couples, she does not agree with cases that a boy is ten years bigger than a girl, she thinks that it is aberration because when the couple gets old, a person who is 50 years old is with a person who is 60. That is because, as the people who really know me know, for some time now, I like boys who are older than me, with differences between eight and forty years old, aproximately. Obviously, when I was youngest I thank as well that it was an aberration, but I'm going to explain the reasons because I do not think so:

1) In natural questions, a woman become mature earlier than a man, so genetically and fisically, they usually can get old first. .

2) At the same time, it is not difficult look boys of 40 which same to have 35, and boys of 30 which seems to have 20, in a question of maturity, many girls have the maturity of an 30 years old woman. So, it depends on the behaviour of the both people.

3) Many people says that "10 years are nothing". If they are not nothing to a thing, as well, they are not nothing to other thing.

So, if somebody wants to criticize, criticize me. Some years ago I did like that.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I can't sleep.

I can't sleep, maybe because of the thirst, in the other hand there is the hot and finally, I am thoughtful. It's 21 days to Milan part two. It is really a challenge, but yesterday, something showed me that I'm prepared now.

Yesterday I defeated again one of my biggest problems, the disorientation, produced possibily by problems as the hydrocephalia and the dyslexia, problems which I can coexist with. Yesterday I made another point. I'm winning this match 4-2 aproximately. I don't know really, hydrocephalia scored me some goals, but now I'm firing it. First, I lost my fear, and I started moving me around Vigo. Then, I could losing myself in Milan and discover that nothing happens, because I will never be alone. Yesterday, I won another time, and I could arrive by myself to the Berbés sports pavilion. It looked so difficult, but sometimes a strategy change changes everything.

Yes, now I'm prepared to the return to Milan. Taking in consideration that I will sleep near to Piazzale Loreto,I know how to use the underground, and I'm not going to be alone as well, everything will be ok since the moment I will get on the airplane.

Who said that hydrocephalia is invicible?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Look change...

I'm ready to the Paolo and company arrival, he, he, he.

I almost faint...

And it is the blame of Antena 3, because they don't give the complete information by the beginning...

They started telling that Ryanair cancelled thousands of reservations by internet of flights from today... I couldn't take breath until know that they mean reservations which are made with another companies (as Edreams) My reservation was made directly by the Ryanair website...

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Weekend at Lugo

This weekend was a little particular. With the only excuse of know us, Roy ( A friend from Asturias who I haven't see first personally) invited me to go to Lugo, because he and a group of friends meet them like that when they can do it. He told me not to be worried because he invited me. So, two of his friends from Gondomar (near Vigo) went to took me in the train station. The journey had a duration of three hours by car.

We are around eleven people chattering, (eight of the eleven peoplee were men, and eight of the eleven people were Galician as well!) Ember were made, and we were so distracted. Ember were put out many times, so we ate around six o' clock in the afternoon, ha, ha, ha. After that, we ate some desserts (I'm remembering the chocolate bisquits which bring Roy and it is making my mouth water again... Ouch!!!) We drank a little (At least, I drank a little, I usually try to control myself and I try to control myself more than normal in some situations) And then, we went to bed. I confess that I have opened my eyes at nine or ten in the morning, we started to wake up and to go downstairs, Roy and me went to take breakfast to a confectioner's shop, we walked a little and then we returned (first of that we lose ourselves) At the hour of lunch, all we went to took lunck in a Chinese restaurant. I think we left Lugo around five o' clock, but the thing I really know it is I was really tired...

Friday, August 01, 2008

Test finalizated

Here there is the complete result of the English test, and then, the complete result (the votes in the 5 blogs)


Gaelic or Irish 2 (66%)
Chinese 0 (0%)
An Emilian language 0 (0%)
Puglies or Sicilian 0 (0%)
Other (explain what by a mail or a comment)0 (0%)

So, now we go to the final result:

Gaelic or Irish 26 (34%)
Other 13 (16%)
Puglies or Sicilian 12 (15%)
Chinese 9 (11%)
An Emilian language 6 (8%)
Esperanto/Interlingua 5 (6%)

So, now I ask you to tell me if you prefer Gaelic or Irish.
Contrato Coloriuris