Friday, August 22, 2008

About age difference

Yesterday, I talked with a person about age differences in couples, she does not agree with cases that a boy is ten years bigger than a girl, she thinks that it is aberration because when the couple gets old, a person who is 50 years old is with a person who is 60. That is because, as the people who really know me know, for some time now, I like boys who are older than me, with differences between eight and forty years old, aproximately. Obviously, when I was youngest I thank as well that it was an aberration, but I'm going to explain the reasons because I do not think so:

1) In natural questions, a woman become mature earlier than a man, so genetically and fisically, they usually can get old first. .

2) At the same time, it is not difficult look boys of 40 which same to have 35, and boys of 30 which seems to have 20, in a question of maturity, many girls have the maturity of an 30 years old woman. So, it depends on the behaviour of the both people.

3) Many people says that "10 years are nothing". If they are not nothing to a thing, as well, they are not nothing to other thing.

So, if somebody wants to criticize, criticize me. Some years ago I did like that.

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