Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I can't sleep.

I can't sleep, maybe because of the thirst, in the other hand there is the hot and finally, I am thoughtful. It's 21 days to Milan part two. It is really a challenge, but yesterday, something showed me that I'm prepared now.

Yesterday I defeated again one of my biggest problems, the disorientation, produced possibily by problems as the hydrocephalia and the dyslexia, problems which I can coexist with. Yesterday I made another point. I'm winning this match 4-2 aproximately. I don't know really, hydrocephalia scored me some goals, but now I'm firing it. First, I lost my fear, and I started moving me around Vigo. Then, I could losing myself in Milan and discover that nothing happens, because I will never be alone. Yesterday, I won another time, and I could arrive by myself to the Berbés sports pavilion. It looked so difficult, but sometimes a strategy change changes everything.

Yes, now I'm prepared to the return to Milan. Taking in consideration that I will sleep near to Piazzale Loreto,I know how to use the underground, and I'm not going to be alone as well, everything will be ok since the moment I will get on the airplane.

Who said that hydrocephalia is invicible?

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