Friday, February 27, 2009

Good- bye, Juan

Status: Sad
Song: Los Piratas- Muertos

The new of the suicide of Juan Campos Paz, music teacher in some schools (Included Escuelas La noticia del suicidio de Juan Campos Paz, profesor de música en diversas escuelas, (Entre ellas, Escuelas Nieto, where I studied the last four years of the obligatory school) was threw cold water on. Probably it was to many other people. I knew it on Wednesday, when I was going to the swimming pool. A big pain dominated me and I couldn't prevent myself crying. I had seen him last time some months ago. I couldn't imagine nothing like that, the only thing I thought is that he probable needed to talk.

I cried a lot at the funeral. It ashames me, in addition, there were many of my ex teachers in that school. I remembered his lessons, his words, his tenderness because of his being calm and good person. But I also remembered the times I think seriously to commit suicide. Fortunately, somebody stopped me.

I'm trying to assimilate it... But I can't...
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