Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I'm better that these days...

One week ago, when people who can't stand make my objectives, I don't make sense to nothing and I see everything full of difficults and obstacles.I have to say thanks to everybody who tried to make me feel happy, Moisés, Elio, Raffaele, and I don't know if I forget someone, but specially to Matteo and Vanessa, they has insisted a lot to make me smile.

Today, Samhain, The finish of the year for celthic and today for wiccans, I have decided that I'm tired of to be sad and obviously, I tried to feel better. I have dreassed, I have taked my bag, I have hanged up my mp3 on my neck and I went out, With hip-hop, reggae and rock music (specially Gemboy) My smile started to increase, I never can't listen the last one without laugh a little. (Although I need to change two times my batteries)

I make a long walk, watching the landscape , the parks, the shops. Then I hve returned and I bought a coke. When I have returned to mu house, I turned on my computer. I have reorganized my ideas on the notebook what I have bought some day ago, and I continued to listening music.

Today I chatted in galician with a boy on skype, I didn't do that for centuries, and now for me is really difficult to speak in Galician without mistake and say some word in Italian... :D Fortunatly, I didn't had forget a lot. Now I remember of that thing that a teacher say us at 2º. People who have Galician as the mother language, have more difficults to learn Italian. And now I think that it can be true, because I can't speak correctly Galician if I don't think twice the phrase.

Then I have continued to listening to music, to the lunch time. I have eaten lasagne. Then I have slept a little with my cat next to me. Later I have seen the tv , Marta came to my house and we were toghether for a little. Then I went to my Italian class.

I have dinner and when I finished I have been connected, watching the tv, listening to music... And I had a whish list for the new pagan year too :D

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