Monday, June 02, 2008

Private TV... You are so young...

I laugh if I think that when I have borned there were only 3 TV channels: The Public Tv La Primera opened in 1956, and la 2 in 1965) and the regional Tv, the TVG, which have started its broadcastings in 1985.

In 1990, (When I was 3 or four years old) to invite tenders to have a TV licence. The winners were Canal +, Antena 3 and Telecinco.

Antena 3 was the first, because its regular broadcastings started on 25th of January of 1990, being the firstprivate channel to broadcast to all the country. It is part of the Antena 3 group withOnda Cero, Europa FM, Movierecord, Atres Advertising A3Multimedia, and Unipublic. It was the introduction of Antena3...

Canal + had an special awarding, It had to broadcast obbligatory 6 hours in open transmition, but it could trasmit the rest of programmes as codificated programmes. It started at 8th of June of 1990 with its test broadcastings, and in the 14th of September, its regular ones. (Who don't remember the Canal + tune???)

I have gave to the last to Telecinco, because, There were something fishy going on rather. Telecinco was the second to broadcast, on 3th March of 1990, with almost all the Italian staff and a big show, based in the television format of Canale 5.

There are two curious data which are important to stand out. Firstly, the German and French versions of Canale 5 didn't share the same luck as Telecinco. Telefünf opened in 1988 and closed in 1992. Finally, in 2002, the Tele München Gruppe opened it again. I don't know really the reasons of these changes, because the most part of the information is writing in German... And I don't understand it.

La Cinq, on the other hand, didn't have good luck. It borned in the 1986 and died on 1992, broadcasting in drect, because although most of the programmes had a good sharing of audience, the channel registered losts, and finally, it declared its tecnic bankruptcy. The debt was of a million of Francs, so, they let it die on 12th of April of 1992.

A last curious thing about Telecinco, the Spanish channel, that it is alive, and in fact, is the channel which has more success from two years ago.In 1989, Fininvest had the 25% of the channel, however, since its start in the stock exchange 2004 Mediaset Investimenti have a chilling percentage of the benefits of this channel: ¡¡¡50,13%!!! (Whitout comments,isn't it??)

Nowadays, television grows unstoppable.In 2005, borned Cuatro and in 2006, la Sexta. It arises me a question: Were we happiest when there were only three tv channels, in stead of all that channels that we can have now from the digital plataforms?

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