Thursday, June 26, 2008


Ondas do mar de Vigo,
se vistes meu amigo!
e ai Deus, se verrá cedo!

Ondas do mar levado,
se vistes meu amado!
e ai Deus, se verrá cedo!

Se vistes meu amigo,
o por que eu sospiro!
e ai Deus, se verrá cedo!

Se vistes meu amado
por que ei gram cuidado!
e ai Deus, se verrá cedo!

I open this post with acantiga de amigo, reallyimportant in the Galician culture, to reflect the importance that the sea has for us. And it is because yesterday I went for the second time to Samil's beach this year. It is curious, is a beach that, in the fund, is not significant for me: My parents always has taken me to Patos, and my grandmother, to America beach.Nevertheless, it is the one that is best communicated.

It was hot, in fact I have been burned. When I came to the beach, I could walk placidly along the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Without thinking about anything. I believe that it is one of the things that would miss if some day me was to Milan. Actually it would miss out wherever I would go, so the Atlantic Ocean, in the coasts of Galicia, would say that is unique.

I was entering more and more inside the water. I remembered something that it happened some time ago. One of my uncles had a Cuban girlfriend, and the first time that went to a beach of Galicia, my cousin and I were with them. We two, ran towards the water like mad, and she ran behind... It was clear that when she entered inside, she trembled with cold...

Yesterday while I was lunching, a gull took to itself part of my sandwich... These things before were not happening either, certainly, they go with the times...

The sea has been very important also in the culture and Galician witchcraft. Have you heard speaking about the ritual of nine waves? It is for girls who want to remain pregnant women, and it was consisting of entering the water full moon, and of being left to throb for nine waves.

Yesterday I passed a lot of time in the beach, it is the motive which I burned, and also the motive for which later I was lacking the time...
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