Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Mc Donald's

Unfortunately, Mc Donald's is being a success around the world, because millions of people go each day to their restaurants, feeding a company which lives because of capitalism and at other people's health expense, who come that with the economic incentive.

Personally, I don't like MC Donald's hamburgers. In fact, I usually go to take hamburgers to cafés. The only thing I like from Mc Donald's are the ice creams. Anyway, I purposed myself a challenge:

I'm not going to go to a Mc Donald's, at least in a year (for the time being).

The 16 th October, is the World Anti-McDonald's day. It is an initiative from the Mc Donalds Workers' Resistance in the United Kingdom, since 1980. In many countries, their workers organizes a strike to protest against the food conditions and the workers conditions. Unfortunately, it is not so known...

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