Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Today I'm so happy. I have finished reading Domani ti perdono, of Alessandra Appiano, book which I re-start (I had read half) some days ago. The hole fact is not to have read it, but I have read it in three days. I'm making-up a part of me which I believed it was lost in my memories of my childhood pre-virtual, which I was a book devourer, and internet was just a banal idea that I couldn't imagine. I have gone to the library, I could go away from the mundanal noise that always is too much in my home, until the dawn, which didn't mind me when I was a child, but now it really disturbs me. I have gone to the nearest library with the only objective of read.

Until last course, I had a trouble too: I was studying Italian by the old plan, so, I had to read three books imposed by the sacred Italian departament. That means hurry, disconcentration, and less choice. Now I have a personal challenge, read as a crazy, as when I was a child who didn't mind nothing about what was happening to the rest of people, who walked by undiscovered worlds, and lost herself between woods with her cousin, she, who only met a friend on weekends at home, and a day in A Coruña were a day in the paradise. Reading are discovered another worlds, another ideas, another dreams, who we can't touch in another way. The books were my secret refugees, they made me dream. I want it will be like that yet.

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