Thursday, October 16, 2008

Flashes and cameras

Yesterday was one of that days which are different to the rest. The chinese teacher told us that if we can to come to class at the morning, to come. She put a video of a serie we usually watch in Chinese, that sometimes seems a telenovela in stead of an educative serie :D. We knew that yesterday was coming the government counselor of education. We are only a few, most of the people can't come in the morning. It was an strange situation to me. First, the director and the head of studies, all two really good clothed. It was strange to me look to the head of studies (I had seen him since the beginning of the course) like that, he was my teacher some years ago and he always pulled the leg of everybody...) Then, a lot of giornalists entered and finall the counselor. Being rounded of gionalists, was really absurd to me, cameras which registered, and flashes that light a lot of times. The situation makes feel everybody nervous, I guess. Now I understand to peple who always scapes of this. But it wasn't bad.

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