Friday, October 03, 2008

When the day is bad...

Yesterday was a bad day. I was active already in the morning, because my mother and my aunt were many days broken my head: "Put in order your room!" So, because I don'e want to hear them, I started to do it. After eating, I started to do my things and later I watched the tv and used internet until the 18.15, because at that time I had Chinese lesson. That was the second day I was in "mourning". It wasn't an apparently one, because I had a black shirt without sleeves and with nec, a long skirt, almost a "witch" skirt, and black shoes. It was just the meaning: Mourning because the death of the holidays. It was everything Ok at lesson, I could see that Chinese is fresh in my mind and that I'm brighest now. That's better, because Yan (our Chinese teacher) went into overdrive last year, and I guess she will do it this year.

I arrived to my home, I ate something. I started watching some TV-series which I download by internet in English language (original version), and I was bothering a little to Roberto. How? Is enough to put in skype a Milanello (Mascot of the Milan)

and 21.50 came, at that hour I had a meeting with Salomé to go to the publish pool. It was terrible. They made us swim for some minutes, and they arrived to the conclusion that I had to go to the small swimming pool, (where there was only old people) because I have to learn to breath. I felt useless. Maybe I'm a little out of training, but that of put me in a pool with only old people... (nice people anyway) makes you feel bad. I discovered that I can't swim with the back, in fact, water came to my nose and this made me to have an incredible headache.

I felt so sad, but ok, maybe I have to take the rithym again. In aerobic I felt stupid like that at the beginning... How is possible that I lost so much the practise?

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