Saturday, December 27, 2008


Status: tired
Song: Vacca: oggi va così

Today I am really tired. Maybe it is not so strange, after all. 24th, Christmas Eve. At my paternal grandparents’ house, as each year. After that, I went to the village with my best friend and her boyfriend, to make a kind of cellebration. We watched a film, drank, ate... I could not imagine that it could be really a good plan, the bad thing is that it was so cold (we have a radiator) and the day is so hot.

25th, Christmas. It is a day that I do not really like. In addiction, we always (or almost always) passed it in my maternal grandparents’ house, in a village which is really oppresive (at least, it is to me). Every year, when this day passes, I feel really better.

Yesterday, I spent my time well. I wanted to buy some Christmas presents for two friends, so that’s all... I really knew what I wanted to buy and where to go, so I did not have much problems.

This month I also realized that I have spent many money. It is true, at least in my case, that the famous “ant spenses” are a curse. I have a little problem with food and sweet things, this is clear in my expenses…

Today I have a stupid day, I hope you are passing it well :D

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