Sunday, February 04, 2007

What a night

Hi to everybody:

I'm here, then of a going-out night (A really disgusting one, of course) The first thing that made me angry is that Begoña came with us (But it's worst to her, if I am her, if never will going out with us)

This night was really horrible. First we went to a disco, that was full, they made pay to my friends and they didn't make us enter. He must to call the police. They went fast. They were, I think, five local and two national police-officer. The whole thing is that the national police wasn't neccesary, when they saw that police was there, they give us the money (or a part of the money)

Finally, we went to another place. I didn't want drink but I must to, because if you don't pay for a drink you can't go out. I drank a licqueur 43 with chocolat drink (I hate beer) I arrived at 6 at home... and my mother was angry because of the hour, I don't understand why, sometimes I have arrived at 7, sometimes at 9, and she never said me something...

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