Saturday, December 16, 2006

Week without internet

Hi to everybody, that 5 days I was almost everytime disconnected, only I had seen the mails (to avoid the saturation...) I felt good, and I realized my objective: To finish to read Italiani si diventa I was concentrated in my homework.

Then, in my free time, I was listening music, most of the time, Gli Atroci I Gem Boy Babaman and Morodo . Obviously Gli Atroci and I Gem Boy were useful when I wasn't well, to laugh a little, and to charge me with a lot of... energy! (boooom!) and about, Babaman and Morodo (The only Spanish group I have listened in this period) to get relax. I ask me what could think my parents when I turned on music of Gli Atroci or Gem Boy. ( It's better not to think about) (Now I'm listening with my aural of the ears,Gli Atroci not to listen the thing that my mother is listening, that sicks me, (Luis Miguel) I have to say too, that when yesterday I was waiting to enter to my English class, I was singing Canzone del cazzo and I didn't mind if people listened to me... I ask me for the effect if I would sing it first of enter to my Italian class... (I hope that teachers never will listen me singing a GB's song... What would they say???)

I had wrote a lot, (another objective) I had write a letter for Milan too (I ask me how many time needs to arrive to Italy....) I started to write a story too about a Spanish man who goes to know an Italian girl who has the half age... I feel inspirated for tue moment (Whithout comments!) And I have concentred in religion too.

I had take some coffee with some partner. That's a direct message to people who say that I'm not sociable. I'm knowing a lot of people. If today I pass the final test vs. my shyness, I will can to pass everything :D

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