Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I feel full.

Hi to everybody:

At this period I feel full because of many reasons. I feel good, it seems that all my dreams started to be real.

People say that there are three things in the life: Healthy, money and love. I don't really agree. Healthy is important, of course, it is a basic mainstay of a happy person. Money, it depends of the level. We have to be agree with the money that we have. And love... Well, love is important but not essential. Is more important to have people near to you when the boat starts to sink.

In fact, one of the better things that I started to live is that I'm knowing a lot of people, for example, school partners, or people who share my religion believes...

Is an important thing too, that artistic, I'm started to feel more realized, more important to people... I don't know. I start to find more oportunities. Is one of the more important things for me, to be valued for people artistically.

At last, about my emotional life, there's not a certain thing, but I see more clearly everything.There are things to make clear and battles to fight, and I don't know what will be the finish. But I have hopes.

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