Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A little about everything

Hi to everybody!

Today, Although there's a sad new about yersterday that I wont say, it was a beautiful, happy day and full of news...

Raf have maken a description in his blog with a lot of fiability, although he did it in Italian, obviously.

Yesterday morning I recieved an email of a music group who is looking for a female singer... The problem is that I would have to go to Pontevedra.. Although if everything goes all right, I'll look for a person to go. Then I went to the library to take the first Italian book for reading.

I made teathre in Italian and somebody had to write an argument on the phone, at her home. Then we had to play it. I made a lot of stress, and my teacher said... "You had a lot of discussions, didn't you?" And I answer: "Yes, and a most of this with Italian people!" (Worst and unpolite too)

Then, I had Italian lesson. At lesson, Ele and me, laugh a lot because she taked a book about the state of my "virtual ex", Abruzzo, and that book talk a lot about dialects and that things.. We laughed trying reading and understanding the dialect of two boys who made jokes... (I discoverd I understand more than in that moment)

When the lesson had finised, I asked to my teacher the book that he writed and he writes: "For Anahí, from writer to writer. With simpathy, Fabio". Beautiful! Then he told me that he read me in a site on internet where I published something. I couldn't imagine!

Later, Elena and me, went for a walk while we waited for Patry, a childhood friend, who studies there too, and lives near to Elena. For this reason, they leave togheter.

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