Monday, November 13, 2006

My musical taste

Hi to everybody, A greeting from my refuge that is always my blog, while I listen Samael, for the people who doesn't know, it's a great rock group. And now I wish to listen it.

And now I wish talk about my musical taste too, because is always a little surprising. My favorite style is rock. I'm always convincing person. If I didn't have rock music, although I would have oxygen and water, but I would die. I didin't listen only rock, but I listen rock variants too. Sometimes I listen heavy or punk, but there is a clear thing: When I'm sad, it's only advisable listen rock.

I listen pop, but a little. In fact, is a musical style too much commercial, sometimes is junk. I don't listen Rap and Hip-Hop in general. Probably a few songs, but if I listen too much about this, I get full. I listen Reggae and ragamuffin. I only listen reggaeton and electronic music at disco, I almost listen that styles at home. And obviusly, I listen music for wiccans, what is very often New age. I couldn't know to say anymore about my music style, but if you want to know, you only have to ask :D .

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