Saturday, November 25, 2006


I had make a biography in English some days ago. I had a lot of mistakes. Now I write to you the biography I did:

Anne Pink-Cat

Anne Pink-Cat was an important celtic priestess. She was born in Ireland, at the IV B.C. She lived in the base of a mountain with her people, and she was called Anne because of the Goddess Anu, Pink because her mother was a defender of love, and Cat because she seemed like one.

When she was a child, se was nominated by the ancient priestess as the new priestess, and she spent most of time with the last priestess, learning the misteries and traditions about magic and religion. She did a lot of magic works of love and fertility, generally created by herself, during her life.

She had two daughters and she adopted a boy because her mother died when he was born. This fact was an important one for her, and she decided to look after that boy as a son.

When she was 20, she organized and managed her first Samhain, the most important celtic celebration. On this day, the celtic year finished. Nowadays, that celebration is the origin of Halloween.
At the age of 25, she received a Big Gold Cauldron out of gratitude for her work and attitude.

When she was 30, she and her people arrived in Scotland. There, she met Brigit Stone-Glance, who was another celtic priestess of the zone. They had a fight, but after discovering about their commmon culture, they decided to work and travel togheter for a time. Then, five years later, the other group get his way.

She lived in Scotland for 15 years, where she fell in love with Allore Fast-Tiger, a warrior of a celtic popolation. They decided to get married two years later, and they lived togheter with her son and daughters. Then, she became a spiritual teacher for little children.
When she was old, she became a quack doctor and looked after her grandchild. She nominated her heiress to teach her about religion and magic.
She died at the age of 65 in Scotland.

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