Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 2007

Good morning to everybody (Well, it's 14.12, but I've just get up!) Evening has gone well, I took a good dinner in my grandparent's house, and then I went to Etnias. I drink some malibu with pineapple, I had some boy behind me, and I danced without control.

Now I have to going to past to take stock of this last year. It hasn't gone bad, although there were some bad things. The year 2006 it didn't have started well, with my emotions out of control (Now I'm a little bit calm) I wanted to solve with Marco in that moment, and the true is that now I wouldn't want to solve anything. Did he earn my tears? I don't know, the whole thing is that now I'm as free as the wind and I'm proud about, I take a good use of my time ;). I admit that this year, I had a lot of men in my mind. I had my emotions really out of control.

Artistically, I can't complain: My evolution is positive, and sometimes I have oportunities. For example, I have participated in a poetry book in Italian. About my musical taste, if somebody say me: "Tell me about the musical group you have listened most of the time this year" The answer is obvious. Gem Boy! And if somebody dislikes it, can get f*****.

I had good luck too about religion, I found a lot of wiccans this year. And not only that, I knew a lot of people for going out and talking :D.

I started this year with a lot of dreams and hopes, without hurry, but without breaks. I want to progress with my artistic evolution, getting on well with my studies, losing a little sense of shame, and making some things more difficult to do, but not impossible...

Happy 2007 to everybody!

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