Sunday, June 24, 2007


Hi to everybody :)

Today I'm a little tired. Because yesterday I went out to the 6.30 in the morning with Vanessa and another people. I have drank something, a strawberry caipiroska. Then, we went out to another places. We went into three different discos and all of them were absolutely full of people!!!

First of all, I waited for Vane in a place that we had said. But I haven't seen her for a long time.. I was waiting and I have read some messages of one person when I was in Italy, and I felt a little melancholic. A tear falled when I was remembering that I got a lot of fun in Milan (without comments) and remembering that person.

We went to some discos. Exactly into three. The worst thing is that: Every discos were full of people. How is possible? Here in Vigo? In June? Nobody takes holydays in this city?

I got fun, but finally I was really tired. I hadn't going out at night for a long time!

Some minutes ago, I tried to charge my Italian card because it didn't have much money... And I could do it! I am happy. I need to use it, he, he, he.

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