Sunday, July 01, 2007

Oooh mia bella Madonnina...

I wanted this song in this blog, as a dedicaton to the mornings, the afternoons, the evenings and the nights that I have lived, my smiles and my tears, specially my smiles, from the 28 of March and the 1 of April, and the 9 and the 11 of April.

I miss you, Milan... I have left you crying and with subjects to resolve,who know when I will see you again. I hope to see you soon, because you are hated but a lot of people, but I miss you. Now I cry and I get excited when I remember my euphoria but I will fight. For you, for everything I couldn't do yet, for everything I will do next time.


A disen: "La canzon la nass a Napoli",
e certament gh'hann minga tutt i tòrt,
Surriento, Margellina, tutt i pòpoli
i avrann cantaa almen on milion de vòlt.
Mi speri che se offendarà nissun
se parlom on ciccin anca de numm.

O mia bella Madonnina, che te brillet de lontan
tutta dòra e piscinina, Ti te dòminet Milan
sòtta Ti se viv la vita, se sta mai coj man in man.
Canten tucc: "Lontan de Napoli se moeur",
ma poeu vegnen chi a Milan!

Adess gh'è la canzon de Ròma magica
de Nina, el Cupolone, el Rugantin.
Se sbatten in del Tever: "Ròma tragica!"
Esageren, me par, on ciccinin...
Sperem che vegna minga la mania
de mettess a cantà: "Malano mia!"...

O mia bella Madonnina ...
Sì, vegnì senza paura,
numm ve slongarem la man:
tutt el mond l'è on gran paes
- e semm d'accord! -
ma Milan l'è on gran Milan!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anahì. Where are you? You have lost Milan? Why you love Milan? I think because there are a lot of intelligent and handsome boys like me........ I'm Joking! Bye bye by Gennaro!

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