Saturday, May 10, 2008


At my 21 years old and a half, is not difficult to realize that sexuality is a completely taboo subject, people looks to that with a strange perception yet, and don't think about it how is it like, a part of us, of our nature. We insist in hiding it in the deepest of us to evite critics, because we don't want the others to think about our unreasoning when we are supposed to be racional animals.

There is another thing that is curious as well, the most part of us are bisexual and we usually don't know it, we take a decission tendencially, but probably inconscius. It's not our blame, but is like that. There is people who thinks that is unnatural, e people who says that is an habitual behaviour, with apes too. And I don't believe they are implant these things.

Nowadays,there is who talk about the boom of the sexuality. There is not a fashion, the fact is that along more than forty years, at least here, they had to occult there ideas because of frieghtning to the reprisals...

I think there is only a thing represenhible, which is when somebody obblies to another person to do what he doesn't want, specially if is a weak and defenceless person. Everybody should be free without be critisized.

It is time to give up the label of whore for women, and the one of virile for men.

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