Thursday, May 08, 2008

Is because of stress

Spring has been always unpleasant to me. I always feel tired in spring. Furthermore of been tired, I'm always stressed. The reasons of my stress are many, the work, classes, family, the insufficient inspiration and the fisical pain. I felt stressed because my emotions on past years, but now, I don't think much about that stupid things, because I have much to do. Is not only that, some things, as my thoughts about men an the relationship I have with them, have changed.

Yesterday I had to do the oral exposition of Italian. I have delayed it already once, and while I was doing it, I felt as I was diying... I did it about the celts in Italy. I felt so nervous, but anyway, my voice doesn't shaked, and my body neither (that's strange, in general, when I feel nervous, my hands shake and I laugh a lot) My partners told me that they hadn't noticed I was nervous.

This is my last Italian year. In a hand, I'm glad about that because maybe I would felt less stress, but in the other hand, it's a pity for me. Obviously, I don't feel like repeating course :D but, in the end, when you know you finish something, you know that some situations will be not repeated. In that 5 years of Italian, I have learned a lot of things. It took me in many ways I didn't have imagined first, and it gave me (And is giving me) mindblowing moments. It has changed all my history...

I think the worst thing anyway, haven't come yet: The last week on this month, I will have all my exams, around ten, So, I have to concentrate myself in it :D

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