Saturday, March 01, 2008

Chinese in the cultural week

Yesterday was friday, so I had have to work, I haven't lessons, but I had the Chinese performance.

There were so many people that didn't come, in fact, we were only five or six people of my class, he, he, he. They put me in the front part, because I'm in tune (I'm not the only one in the class, anyway) I was a little nervous, my Italian teacher was there, but I knew that. That isn't the thing that makes me feel nervous at most. I think I started feel nervous when I saw that the... I don't know who you call it.. the person who is the coordinator of a school... (and he is my ex teacher of Italian too...!) Uff... And I haven't do the Italian performance yet, I have to practise, he, he, he.

Well, It wasn't bad, the only problem is that my legs shacked a little. When I have to do something like that and I'm nervous, I have the sensation that I lose my balance with the heels. I had grasped my hands in the back to evite more shake.:D I would like to improve to control my nerves when somebody looks me, but I think you only can improve it when... You do it a lot of times!

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