Tuesday, March 18, 2008


A few days ago, I have had a curious dream.

Yes, it was me. I had a blue suit that looks great. So formal. My hear was put up in a bun. My lips, were made up. And I had a black small case. (No, I haven't robbed a bank)

I run as a crazy woman into the Milan streets. I run, I looked at my watch. I was in a hurry. In a big hurry. I was late. I arrived to an underground stop, and I went downstairs as fast as I could. In that moment, I have lost the underground that I had to take. I wait patiently the next one. When I was into, I tried to be a little calm. I was late, but there was only a little to arrive. Finally, I went down and ran. I ran as never I have run. I arrived to a place that seems an office. I went into.

Too late. A group of men, were sitted in front a table, and they looked at me... Some of them smile me, and another had face of: Where have you been????Uff.....

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