Saturday, March 08, 2008


Thursday was the "big day". Yes, I have had to play with my tambourine a song of the south of Italy called "U Santu Paulu". Well, I start from the beginning. It has started when Fabio- my Italian teacher- proposed me to play the tambourine in the cultural festival. I have accepted without thinking too much. I have to say that the rehearses, were strange situations for me: The first day were only Fabio and Marco (another teacher)who have played too. They have played the guitar and the accordion. First we were in the Italian departament (with teachers who entered and went out a lot of times) but finally, we went the the acting room. I have to admit that they should lend me a hand (or two) to find the rithym of the song, and now, I think it seems to the Galician jota punteada :D

On Monday, we had to rehearse again, but rouunded by some Italian partners who wanted to improve dancing. This time were too the two dancers who came from Puglia (South of Italy) to teach dancing. It was an open rehearse to the Italian courses, so, we were rounded of teachers...(Uff...!) It was really as been in family to me, because I know most of the people, ha, ha, ha. Some people congratulated me because of how I was played or asked me how much time I have played the tambourine, that kind of things... Simona and Alessandro (the dancers)thanked me at least, three or four times because of my participation (That's not important, is something I have done with pleasure) Then I went out.

Next day, I had an e-mail from Fabio.He asked me where I had gone, because they all come for some drinks and I wasn't. Ha, ha, ha. It happens. It was anyway, a strange situation for me :D Well, I didn't really know, and I was so tired... It seems that Fabio have run behind of me, but I have run more than him :D That day, I went to drink something with them then of the rehearse, and I felt a little shy: Alessandro and Simona knew more about me than I thought, ha, ha,ha. (Don't trust never in an Italian teacher.. that's a expert advice!)

Finally, we had the act on Thursday. I was so nervous, but I enjoyed it. I think I have superated a kind of block There were a lot of people who congratulated me, and when I have risen, Marco told me to go to the Italian departament for a moment. He said me: "The coordinator had to do this... but he have gone...." He gave me a present. Yes, there was a present for me and another one for the other girl (That have gone too) of the Italian departament. It was a logical but good thing: a reading book :D

Finally, we went for some drikns, it came too another teacher and some of my pupils. Fabio told me that he will fail me in order to make me participate next year (Oh... That's horrible.. If I'm failed, I have to do another two years!) I enjoyed a lot myself, but then I felt a little sad... It had arived the end!!!

When I have arrived to my home and I told everything to my mother, she said me that:Cuando llegué a casa y le conté todo a mi madre, me dijo dos cosas:

- I should asked to my teachers to write me something into the book (I haven't think about that, really)
- that I should asked the e-mail to the dancers (I have thought about it, but I didn't do it, ha, ha, ha)

That's all. I hope to have photos or something in the future :D

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