Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stressful period

I'm in a stressful period of the year. In a hand, yesterday I felt so bad at job. They made me take callings, and I felt an useless person. Finally. they made me do what I had done first. I will take a dislike to the telephones, the programmes and Orange. Uff.
In the other hand, it is an stressful period at the school languages too. We have to talk for a minute in Chinese (I haven't done yet because I didn't have time to prepare it) and I have to do an oral exposition in ITalian. I think that it has to be a 10 minutes exposition. Anyway, I already know what to talk about: About Celts in Italy. Brugh and Iunthanaka have passed me a lot of information about the Celtic Milan. Milan, I miss you so much. I love you and I hate you, you are my dream and my nightmare, awful tears of happiness... But I will return, although I know that I will feel in a tense situation as when I went, or maybe more...

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