Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008's evaluation

Status: Thoughtful
Song: Loreena McKenitt:Arabia

Another year has gone. It has been a scandalous year for me, full of experiences, positive and negative ones, but unforgettable.

This year the economical crisis has been really commented, in stead of that, my emotional crisis comes since the beginning of the year until now. During this 2008, I did not resolve any of my emotional conflicts, in stead of that, I have avoid them, I hope only for a period. I am not going to give names, who know me a little, can guess that names.

In the positive balance, I can say I could work. During three months I have been really in hurries, because of work and lessons. I have learnt that if I do more things, I have more time. It is strange, but that's it. I left the job, because is more important the health that the money, if a work creates you ansiety, is better to leave it. It was a miracle to me, that having less time, I have passed all, English, Italian and Chinese. The most direct consecuence is that I have finished Italian.

I have known new people. Salomé, Roy, Roberto, Álex... That was one of the things I always thank it was most complicated.

And the most important thing, I could travel most. Almost of them were short trips, but it is an advance: Twice to Madrid, once to Toledo, once to Finisterre, with some stops... (it is not much far, but it is something...) E obviously, my missed return to Milan, that meant look some new places appart of that city than I love.

This year, I have new objectives. Maybe too high expectatives. But I have to mark myself objectives:

- Meditate more, learn to control my shyness. Maybe I would have to do a course of oratory...
- Find a job.
- Leave my house. (And with a little more time, with a little help, I maybe could go for a longest period to Milan)
- Do courses (I'm specially interested on the air hostess one)
- Travel most.
- Participate in some literary competitions.
- Find a decent boy (mision impossible)
- To buy a portatile.

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