Monday, January 19, 2009

Films season in Italian starts...

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I think it was as appartain again to that group of Italian students. A strange sensation full me today, when I entered to the Assembly Hall, convinced to watch the first film of the Italian film season (mafia, camorra films, etc). That's the way of my ex teachers to express the repulse to this kind of activities. Yes, the fact of study in the languages school yet, has the vantage: I can assist to some activities of Italian yet without problems.

Everything started with a introduction of a teacher, that I tried not to see his face... He talked a little, I think the most important thing he said is that these films, chosen by the Italian departament, tell true stories, not like American stories of mafia, as The Godfather. Then of some minutes of distraction, I could concentrate myself in the film, One Hundred Steps, that tells the story of Peppino Impastato. Touching.

In that two hours I felt strange, as nothing had changed since last year. I don't appartain now to that classes, as I know how to deffend myself with Italian language. Somebody says (as an ex teacher of the Secondary Obligatory) that I should look for a job as a translator. Maybe it could be as easy as say it!

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